Why Krapf’s?

From its West Chester, PA, corporate headquarters, Krapf’s Coaches, Inc., offers local and interstate charter service through Krapf’s Coaches, public transportation services through Krapf’s Transit, and convenient, affordable paratransit service in Chester County, PA, through ROVER Community Transportation.

Krapf’s Coaches transports regional groups (within 100 miles) of any size to destinations anywhere in the United States and Canada. From students taking field trips to senior groups taking historic tours to corporate shuttle services, Krapf’s can accommodate your group’s need with anything from an 11-passenger van to a deluxe 54-passenger motorcoach.

Krapf's Transit division offers the highest quality and most reliable transportation service possible to over 550,000 passengers a year, serving the “Route A” between Coatesville, Downingtown, Exton and West Chester, providing fixed route services for SEPTA and operating the Philly PHLASH service.

And ROVER Community Transportation provides transportation to any destination within Chester County for any ROVER-registered rider, whether ambulatory or in need of an ADA accessible vehicle.

Millions of miles have been traveled under the Krapf name since a local school district approached George Krapf, Jr., a highly respected local maintenance operator and business owner, back in 1942. District leaders had combed the community in search of the ideal candidate to operate and maintain its first ever school bus.

They decided no one was more qualified to handle the responsibility of transporting their children from various points in Chester County, PA, than George. He accepted their offer and this new enterprise became George Krapf, Jr. & Sons, Inc. – which led to the award-winning Krapf School Bus and Krapf’s Coaches.

Through controlled growth, we have developed into the largest private school bus contractor in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia. That translates into more than 1,300 buses safely transporting over 95,000 regular education and special education students each day of the school year.

We are now the largest family-owned pupil transportation company in the nation. We have twice been named National Contractor of the Year by National School Bus Fleet.

As an early pioneer in reducing school bus emissions, we were also the first recipient of the National School Bus Transportation Association’s Go Yellow, Go Green Award.

We have also received the Department of Transportation Safety Award.

And in every district, town and community we serve, we establish a strong, committed presence. That can range from supporting local charities, providing buses for good causes and underwriting a scholarship in every school district we serve, to more significant investments, such as the Krapf Family Children’s Library in Coatesville, PA.

More than seventy years after George Krapf, Jr. got behind the wheel of that first Krapf bus, we remain what we have been from the very beginning – a family-based beacon of reliability … whether we’re a school bus contractor safely and smoothly operating and maintaining the student transportation system in your school district, the trusted charter operator responsibly taking you to and from your most memorable occasions, or the community pillar, offering public transit services to the people of southeastern Pennsylvania.


Company History

An American Success Story: How Krapf Became One of the Most Trusted Names in Transportation

It is a story as American as apple pie and Main Street parades.

The year was 1942. A local school district, needing someone to transport students to its high school, turned to George Krapf, Jr., owner of the local gas station and a highly regarded mechanic, but, more importantly, one of the community’s most respected leaders.

George accepted the offer and set about stripping two dump trucks down to their frames and driver’s seats. He and a companion drove the “vehicles” to Mitchell, IN, where bus bodies were applied to the frames, and then drove them back to Pennsylvania.

For all intents and purposes, George Krapf, Jr. & Sons, Inc. was born. That first school district – now known as Downingtown Area School District – remains a customer of Krapf School Bus to this day. As a matter of fact, so does the second district George soon contracted with – Twin Valley.

Together with his wife and co-founder Eleanor “Grammie” Krapf, who would become the second woman in Pennsylvania to earn a CDL and drive a school bus, the Krapfs took the wheel of what has become a remarkable success story.

More than 70 years later, a third generation of Krapf family members is helping to drive an enterprise that operates more than 1,300 school buses in three states, and safely transports more than 95,000 students – including thousands of special needs children – each day during the school year. That equates to more than 20 million total miles annually.

In addition, Krapf’s Coaches, Inc., now offers local and interstate charter service through Krapf’s Coaches, public transportation services through Krapf’s Transit, and convenient, affordable paratransit service in Chester County, PA, through ROVER Community Transportation.

And just as important to the Krapf family is the fact that the company boasts second and third generation employees in what is truly a family-friendly environment.

Krapf’s Values

Truly, Krapf's Lives Its Family Values

Dallas Krapf was driving a Krapf school bus on the day the planes hit the Twin Towers. At the time he was 54, co-owner of the Krapf Bus Companies – an enterprise with over 1,000 employees – and in his 30th year with the company.

Yet Dallas, like his fellow co-owner and brother Dale, still had his CDL and was still ready to pitch in whenever the need arose.

That’s how it is in a family business. It’s about passion. Commitment. Never forgetting your roots. And doing whatever it takes.

More than ever, the Krapf Companies are a family enterprise. Not only are we handing the torch to a third generation of family leadership, but five of George and Eleanor’s grandchildren have joined the company. And in what is truly reflective of our family culture, we are now welcoming fourth generation employees into the fold.

Krapf Bus Companies' Vision

Provide the best passenger transportation anytime, anywhere.

Krapf Bus Companies' Mission Statement

Building on our reputation for superior passenger transportation, everyone within the Krapf Bus Companies is committed to providing safe, high quality, reliable service. Each of us recognizes the importance of fulfilling every customer's changing transportation needs. We will continue to develop and grow our company, strengthen our position of leadership, and implement efficient solutions to the dynamic challenges of our industry.

Krapf Bus Companies' Core Values

Commitment: Dedication, Innovation, Discipline, Lead by Example

Open Communication: Clarity, Listen, Honesty, Teamwork

Respect Others: Integrity, Trust, Compassion, Consistency

Excellent Service: Safety, High Quality, Professionalism, Positive Attitude


Operations Excellence Ensures the “Krapf Way”

The Krapf Companies aspire to be great and are smart enough to realize that aspiration alone is not enough to make sure we reach our destination.

So to achieve greatness, we have created a plan, a roadmap, for turning these aspirational objectives into operational realities day after day and year after year.

We call it Operations Excellence, a program that creates a consistent, measurable and repeatable “Krapf Way” of conducting business at every Krapf location, on every Krapf vehicle, and in every Krapf interaction.

Operations Excellence is based on four pillars: Customer Focus, Employee Focus, Service Focus, and Financial Performance Focus. By ensuring excellence in each of these pillars, the company-wide pursuit of greatness is assured.

The program simplifies and prioritizes responsibilities. It elevates the quality of our operations, maintenance and safety. It provides opportunities for employees. And it ensures best practices from Delaware to Chicago and any community we serve.

A Commitment to the Environment

The Krapf Companies: Recognized Environmental Leaders

Our green objective is simple: The Krapf Companies seek to operate our fleets with as little impact on the environment as possible.

It was back in 2003 that the companies decided to pursue the green objective with great gusto – not because doing so promised an economic payback, but because minimizing emissions, while conserving energy, was the right thing to do…for the planet and for our children.

The company attacks this goal on numerous fronts: from state-of-the-art emission control technology, to strict enforcement of our anti-idling policy…from promoting more efficient routing and optimized capacity, to heating buildings with recycled drain oil…from operating on the maximum diesel blend allowed by the fleet’s original equipment manufacturers, to recycling everything from batteries and oil filters to soda cans, refrigerant and various metals.

The company is so far ahead of the industry that the National School Transportation Association presented Krapf School Bus with the inaugural  “Go Yellow, Go Green Award” for demonstrating “superior commitment in pursuing positive responses to growing environmental concerns.”